Heidelberg Marketing / Daniel Jäger
Heidelberg Marketing / Daniel Jäger

Youth Climate Summit (20 - 23 of May 2019)

Young people shaping the future of our climate

Climate justice plays an important role in the discussions connected to climate action. The topic has received an additional boost since Greta Thunberg's inspiring actions, which in turn have triggered a wave of constructive protest among schoolchildren via Fridays for Future. This is also because many young people are already experiencing effects of climate change in their respective home countries. We therefore invite young people from different parts of the world to the Youth Climate Summit (YCS) to share their experience and develop a common understanding of the situation. Clear messages and the importance of involving young people in the climate discourse will be voiced to the political representatives at the ICCA. One thing is guaranteed: the youth will be seen and heard! 

The YCS will take place between 20 and 23 May 2019. Taking part in the CN is part of the summit and the youths are encouraged to discuss with representatives of local authorities, civil society and companies on how significant steps in climate mitigation can be achieved by upscaling local approaches and through cooperation. In this way, youths are involved as participants and receive the exciting opportunity to gather inspiration and experience. 

The YCS is organized by BUND Heidelberg in cooperation with KliBa Heidelberg and ifeu. The YCS are supported through the fund „heidelberg KLIMA“ of the Stadtwerke Heidelberg and the Stadtjugendring Heidelberg.  

The YCS is fully booked. Registration is no longer possible.