Heidelberg Marketing / Daniel Jäger
Heidelberg Marketing / Daniel Jäger

Climate Neighbourhoods

What we do

Located in the heart of Heidelberg's lively historic district, the CN's interactive programme provides room for exchange between local authorities, civil society and companies active in the field of climate mitigation and adaptation. Situated directly at the university square below the Heidelberg Castle, we want to call attention to the CN’s cause  and engage with the public. Citizens will receive the opportunity to actively contribute their perspectives on climate action through participatory elements. In particular young people are invited to participate with creative ideas and innovative suggestions - they will be given their own platform, the Youth Climate Summit before the start of the CN.  The CN will take place in English. 

What we want

Using our motto “Let's scale-up solutions” we want to develop strategies for the dissemination and intensification of climate action and from these derive recommendations for the international climate dialogue. The recommendations will be presented to the 600 political decision-makers present at ICCA2019. The aim of the CN is to create links between actors from the political level, actors from the implementation level and the general public in order to think more comprehensively about climate mitigation and to approach the demands of the Paris Agreement more ambitiously. 

Who we address

The CN cross borders and generations and invite all those who are actively committed to climate action and believe that change is possible. We encourage interested actors to explore and dig into central ICCA2019 topics ranging from low-carbon mobility, climate-friendly urban planning and sustainable consumption, to financing and design of participation and knowledge exchange. By capturing the specific perspectives of the different actors and articulating these, the CN hope to provide new impulses for solutions that will help to spread and disseminate good projects.