Update programme out now!

The Climate Neighbourhoods have reached another milestone: the updated programme has been released! In the last weeks the organisation team asked participants and interested parties to shape the programme and had received a whole lot of input.

Here the conference’s highlights:

The workshops on 22 May all circle around the two questions: “How can good solutions and ideas be upscaled”? and “What are the mechanisms behind successful examples?” Following drivers and exmaples from all over the world are identified: regional supporters, local climate action plans,  standards and guidelines, public private partnerships, inclusion of new target group, exchange and networking, visibility of climate action, cooperatives to name a few. Each of the 12 workshops will discuss one of these potential success factors.

The Climate Action Festival on 22 May invites all conference participants as well as the citizens of Heidelberg and the region to join! Meet Heidelberg’s Ice Bear, check out Frankfurt’s interactive Klimagourmet Exhibition, ride Epernay’s and Ettlingen’s Energy Bus, visit the Les.Art Installation and much more during the exhibition time. Be surprised by the art action which invites everybody to send their message to the next international climate conference in Chile (COP25).

The Field Trips on 21 and 23 May showcase interesting projects from Heidelberg and the region. Examples are the passive house neighbourhood Bahnstad Heidelberg, food saving in Heidelberg, renewable energy cooperatives, the sustainable mobility concept of FRANKLIN Village in Mannheim, Sustainable management in companies by B&S Service GmbH and so forth.
Check out the programme here.